venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Bratislava è la nuova culla dell'arte?

Lukas Kubala is a young artist, who brings one of other looks on constantly changing society into our culture. His work is rich in colour, shapely expressive, thematically fixed on human. In women faces he shows beauty, virtue, sensuality and a harmony of passion and hope, inaccessible in life. In the present work he covers them by lines of stories, expressive lines, hidden in the moments of complexity of existence. The author's work develops art-attractive form. Seemingly, only man dominates in it. In him there is also everything today.

Lukás Kubala was born in 1983. He graduated school of scenic art design. He participated at several exhibitions. He lives and works in Bratislava.

Exhibitions :

2010-Perla dell Adriatico,gallery Grottemmare,Italy
2010-YoungpART&LK,Panorama center,Bratislava,Slovakia
2010-Anticipation of our future,Panorama center,Bratislava,Slovakia,gallery on stairs,Nitra,Slovakia
2010-OFF LINE cultur project,Grafitty building,Bratislava,Slovakia
2010- Selection of Slovakian paintings,Meghivo gallery (hungary)
2011-I see passion everywhere,gallery BCPB.Bratislava,Slovakia
2011-ARTSHOW "Umenie mesta",Panorama center,Bratislava,Slovensko
2011-Something is wrong,gallery X,Bratislava,Slovakia
2011-Amores peros,European center of arts,Bratislava,Slovakia