giovedì 7 marzo 2013


Borondo solo show
Opening March 8
Gallery Itinerrance
7bis, rue R. Goscinny 75013 Paris
(+33)06 19 98 06 33
Métro Ligne 14/ RER C  Bibliothèque François Mitterrand

With Borondo was Love at first sight, Gallery Itinerrance is honored to exhibit the classical street art by Borondo. This young spanish artist has grab our attention by its unique technical and quite dramatic universe in which he carries us from Rome to Madrid and Paris now. At the age of 23 Borondo is one of the most promising contemporary urban visual arts scene artist. Especially admired for the quality of his sign, Borondo is a pure pictorial and artistic talent wich can express himself with the same quality in all his techniques, a very rare quality in the urban art international scene. A strong street attraction leads him to work illegally in public areas and all his works inspires admiration. Talking about Borondo, media use to call him “the street art genius”. His solo show in october at 999Contemporary in Rome has been described by media "one the best exhibition of the year".