giovedì 8 settembre 2011

Opiemme exhibition in Seville

Opiemme is well known for his street poetry, with the aim of spreading poetry to the masses, and street art which deals with social and environmental themes (i.e. video performance Barbarism Kills, a parralelism between the daily so-what attitude of people, and individualism of politicians; i.e. stencils created in view of the last Italian June 2011 Referendum.

The show is a result of an exchange between the Spanish gallery and the Dieffe Contemporary Art gallery in Turin, that will host work by artist Jesús Algovi, the show will be an opportunity for Opiemme to deepen his research on contemporary social topics.

The title of the exhibition will be "No Flags V.01", and will be the next step of "No Flags" project presented last February at the Dieffe gallery, during which the artist reflected on the absence of values in our times with a series of "poetic" word cloud paintings. No Flags, in Opiemme's view, stands for lack of values, responsabilties and morals. This view is influenced by the social and historical situation in Italy at the present time, which in its exasperation is a negative role model for rest of the world.

The exhibition in Spain will be accompanied by a text (attached to this email) by Claudio Cravero, curator at The Park of Living Art (PAV), located in a former industrial area of Turin, where Opiemme currently lives and works.

Susanna Sara Mandice, curator of his last show in Dieffe last February, describes Opiemme as: "Ecclectic, perfectly comfortable both in galleries and on streets, skillfully moving from one medium to another, while thoroughly analizing the context in which he is at one particular time and regardless of this constant metamorphosis, he manages to remain true to his own identity."

The show in Weber-Lutgen Gallery will be a great opportunity for Opiemme to present his new artworks to an international public, and deepen his research on "poetic" word-cloud painting.

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