martedì 15 aprile 2014

Intervista a BIRDCAP

Ancora abbiamo la fortuna di vivere di rendita grazie al MOS Thailand e agli amici LADUCK che ci hanno presentato tantissimi artisti interessanti! Questa volta abbiamo fatto due chiacchiere con BIRDCAP (USA), il quale ha risposto con entusiasmo alla nostra intervista (perdonate ancora l'arrugginitissimo inglese, se va avanti così riuscirò a rinfrescarlo prima del previsto)!

Do you want to tell us how you started doing graffiti and how you see your style evolution over the years? 
Birdcap: I went to university for painting and art history.  The major trend in the modern art narrative seemed to be the further isolation of the art gallery through hyper articulation.  I always make work with an intention for it to be seen. I thought it was contradictory to put all of my effort into a gallery atmosphere where such a small niche of people would review them.  I had grown up as a hip-hop head and couldn’t marry the inherent elitism in gallery viewership to my own artwork.   Street art was the natural solution to my academic dilemmas, and a transformative one. My style is simply what I’m interested in combined with what my hand naturally conforms to.  I’m a fan of art from around the world, particularly older works.  I think my work changes as I see more countries, and as I meet more artists.  I’d like my work to act as a patchwork tapestry of where I’ve been, and who’ve I’ve known.  In that way I think it becomes most reflective of me.

What is your relationship with your country and how it has changed the way you get in touch with graffiti artists in the area?
Birdcap: I travel around a lot, so I change countries quite a bit.  Before I get to a new location, I just research the artists in the area, then I e-mail or facebook my favorites with a link to my site and ask if they have any time to paint together.  The best part of this genre of art is the community that’s been built around it.  I’ve never met more accommodating and humble artists than the artists I’ve met this way.  As an American, I just try to avoid acting too obnoxiously American.

Recently you have been a guest of MOS Thailand: What differences have you noticed between the different styles of artists from various parts of the world?
Birdcap: I think anytime you get this many artists together, it’s a great reminder of how infinite the solutions are to completing an artwork.  It was excellent to look outside of myself and see so many talented artists.  Each piece there made me want to try a few new things with my work in the future.  It was also of course, alleviating by how quick a bond the artists could make with one another.  I had as much fun partying with them during the night as I had painting with them during the day.

Does this Thai experience affect your future artistic production?
Birdcap: Go bigger and go harder.  Anytime I see that many artists working it makes me manic about getting up and out more, and of course the more friends you have supporting you the more you want to make them proud.

"Meeting Of Styles" is an important tour that travels all around the world: how the thai leg differs from the others?
Birdcap: I don’t really know, haha. Well maybe more Thai people? Maybe more Thai smiles too, haha.  I think Bangkok has a really healthy art community; it really feels like a family.  It was great to be submerged into that for the last few weeks.

Have you ever painted in Italy? What do you know about our country?
Birdcap: I’ve never painted there, but I desperately want to!  Everyone knows about Italy, haha!  It’s one of the more important areas in the world historically and culturally.  I grew up as a child sort of obsessed with Caesar Augustus. During school most of my favorite artists were from Italy also: De Chirico, Fontana, Manzoni, Cattelan etc.  As far as street artists there are just too many good ones to name them all, but I will say that to most Americans, Blu is utterly incredible. At MOS Thailand I was lucky enough to meet the LaDuck Crew.  They made a gigantic mural on some of the scariest scaffolding I’ve ever seen, haha – I was really impressed.  There were also really nice.  It gives me a lot of optimism for meeting more Italian artists!

We wish you a magnificent success! Cheers from, cheers from Italy!
Birdcap: Thanks!  You too!

Tanti cuori a Pier e la Mag (LaduckCrew) per il contatto con BIRDCAP!
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