sabato 26 luglio 2014

Gualicho & Opiemme - some new works from Warsaw and Poland

After painting at Monumental Art Festival, Gualicho from Argentina and Opiemme from Italy made some works in Gdansk and Warsaw.
Here is some works from Gualicho in Gdansk shypyard and a massive mural for Monumental Art Festival in Zaspa


Thanks to V9, Gualicho and Opiemme painted in the city centre of Warsaw, at Hoza 9. Gualicho composed a "Abstraction of a fish on the water",
using a single size alphabet, while Opiemme realized a typographic totem surrounded by black stars irradiating letters, with a street poetry message quoting Szymborska: "the joy of writing" ( "Rasdoc pisania" in polish)
Opiemme made as well a "snake" of letters coming out from a hole: the location is Fort Radiowo, a fortifications that consituted the Warsaw Fortress in the 19th century.

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