mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016


Mafia Capitale is the name of a mafia organization active, for more than fifteen years, in  Rome. More than a hundred people of this system have been arrested on charges of  mafia­type association, extortion, usury, bribery, false billing, fraudulent transfer of assets,  money laundering and other crimes, in the last year. ​ Mafia Capitale​ , through the corruption  of the government, has control of many illicit procurement including those for support  services for homeless and migrants. In this way they get almost complete control of the  cooperatives and the reception centers of the Capital and so they can speculate on  immigration and job insecurity.  A person at the top of the criminal organization was intercepted in a conversation where he  said: "do you know? How much I can earn on immigrants? The drug trafficking allows less  gain...”.  This person was also the instigator of the riots in Tor Sapienza, Rome's outskirts, during  which werelaunched stones and bottles at a reception center for asylum seekers, in 2014.  In the same district, there is the museum ​ MAAM Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di  Metropoliz ​ that recounts and values, through art, the story of an ex slaughterhouse factory  where, with the help by the group Blocchi Precari Metropolitani, about sixty families have  settled in, in 2009.

Metropoliz is a multiethnic and multicultural reality and there live Italians, Peruvians,  Romanians, Ukrainians, Moroccans, Rom, etc.  Its inhabitants call this ​ città meticcia​  (mixed race city).  Giorgio De Finis and Fabrizio Boni create the project ​ Metropoliz Space, an art project that  wants to create a chance of redemption for all the inhabitants of Metropoliz,​  in 2012. The  project, over the years, has developed into the ​ MAAM ​ and there its use art to involve  residents and visitors in its wonderful diversity.  I've realized ​ Mafia Capitale on a outside wall of Metropoliz and it's a self­financed project,  built without permits and sponsors. The project was wanted and curated by Giorgio De Finis  e Michela Pierlorenzi.  I was working in the district of Tor Sapienza, near a social reality created from below in  response to the lack of a concrete public support for immigrants and homelessand and I was  painting on a wall of an ex slaughterhouse factory so I tried to combine everything into one  image.  The man represented as a sausage is sliced to make money so I’d try to create a similarity  between capitalist and the ex factory’s production. 
At the same time I have tried to describe and illustrate the different aspects and meanings  that can take the word capital.  First of all Rome, the Italian capital, the city where ​ Mafia Capitale has been free to act  thanks to the corruption of public administration, in the last years.  Talk about the concept of capital punishment, then beheaded, the character's sliced from the  head, the noblest part of the body. Another reference's the pecuniary capital, infact the body  isn’t producing slices of meat but coins. It's the gain that too often becomes more important  to the human being and the human capital.

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