martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Sabato 18 ottobre alle ore 17:00 presso GO Gallery, Prinsengracht 64, 1015 DX Amsterdam
A brilliant show by the dynamic duo sjembakkus & IVES.ONE:

It's not a phenomenon you will see often, paintings sticking to your mind and spirit, like a syrupy, viscous mass. But when you do, there's a great change you're dealing with the artist Sjem Bakkus. This dutch artist, Daan Dirven in daily life, owes his name to the dutch spoken language. It stands for stickiness, honesty, and an outspoken open mind. 
It's not easy to describe Sjem Bakkus' work. The extraordinaire painter has a crazy but funny style, which is characterized in an original way of expression. While checking his work out you will be taken on a fantasy trip through madness and complexity. 
His work will ensure that you look further than you would normally do, and besides that it will shake you back and forth between playfulness and structure, between stubborn and sharp and especially between fiction and reality.

IVES ONE, A dutch artist from Amsterdam. CO-FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Amsterdamstreetrart Foundation and 4816.NL
He started with graffiti in 1996. 2000 marked the start of his work being shown in galleries, with a show in Almere at GRAFFITI OF THE WALL. In 2005 he started the utilize and combine stencils with freehand skills and he has exhibited in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Bristol, Paris, Berlin, New York, Melbourne and Miami
Amsterdam RAI, XS4ALL, Police Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Volkswagen, Nike, Fiat, KPN/HI and MTV Networks are among some the corporate collaborations that IVES has work with.
IVES is frequently involved with international festivals like WMC/Ultra in Miami.All this aside you can still find the works of IVES on the streets around the world.
Since 2010 IVES also works as an URBANART/GUERILLA MARKETING consultant, Giving advise to commercial companies and governments.
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